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Care Credit


BEST clinic I have ever found in over 45 years of pet ownership, well worth my 35 miles-one-way trip!  I am pleased to be able to write a testimonial for GRVC, Dr. Jean Hollenstein and Dr. Danielle Baumbarger.  I have 3 small rescue dogs and found GVRC shortly after moving to Pope County in spring 2014.  I have one 16 year-old Yorkie (Harrison), one 8 year-old Morkie (Pip), and a 6 year-old Maltese (Teddy).  Harrison and Pip came with me from St. Paul when I moved, I added Teddy to our family in 2014 after getting him from the Pope County Humane Society.  I had been volunteering there and took him to GRVC as part of my volunteering.  Dr. Jean was the first of the two vets whom I met in person, at Teddy’s first visit.  I found her to be thorough, extremely good at explaining what she saw, and what she recommended. 

Some months later I needed to have Harrison’s shots updated so decided to take him to GVRC, followed some time later by Pip.  I can say the services have been nothing short of amazing.  I will use a recent example to illustrate.  Harrison, being nearly 17, is subject to a lot of health issues, and was not treated for them as a pup, so had these issues when I got him in 2006.  He is a very feisty little guy and was suddenly very lethargic.  In April 2015 I took him in to Dr. Jean.  We did blood work and found out his liver values were sky high, as were some other blood tests.  He also was dehydrated so we discussed his condition and decided it was best for him to hospitalized and given IV fluids and other meds.  Things started to improve but then on day 2 he had an unexpected “episode” where he literally died in one of the tech’s arms.  His head went back, his eyes rolled, his respirations went to zero, his heart rate slowed way down.  I was immediately called and went to the clinic.  By the time I got there I could hear his distinctive bark!  He’d been on meds for fluid around the heart, antibiotics for his white count, etc.  Yet whatever they did, he bounced back!   Dr. Jean gave him an acupuncture treatment and he responded immediately and quite impressively!  We also did laser therapy for his internal organ issues and severe spinal issues.  We used Chinese energy medicine, herbal supplements, acupuncture, laser therapy, etc.  He made a remarkable recovery.  A recheck of his liver values showed he was back in the normal range again.  I should add that both Dr. Jean and Dr. Danielle took him home with them overnight, to keep an eye on him, something unheard of with any vet I have ever met in my 40+ years of pet ownership!

Approximately 2 months later, he again became lethargic, and blood work again showed his liver values had shot up.  We don’t know why this is, but again, he was hospitalized for fluids, we again started on antibiotics and put him on a special diet food.  My other 2 pups also had issues, and they, too, were treated fully, with such compassion that I can’t even find the words to describe it!  I can say I trust Dr. Jean and Dr. Danielle with their lives, and am extremely comfortable in how well they explain things to me, what the labs mean, what the treatment options are, etc.  I also really appreciate the fact that if they don’t know, they don’t try to cover it or make something up, but say, flat out “I don’t know what’s causing this, but here’s what I am thinking.”  One of the reasons I initially went to GRVC was that they are truly “holistic” using Chinese medicine and herbal medicine, acupuncture and laser therapy, as well as osteopathy and standard medical veterinary care.  That was unheard of in St. Paul.  Additionally, they offer clients CareCredit which allows for a focus on the care of the animals without stressing out about the costs.  My 3 dogs are my fur-babies, and knowing I can focus on getting them well, without worry on costs, is priceless.

I also want to give kudos to the staff, all of them.  From Tracy who answers the phone, makes appointments, handles billings, etc, to all of the techs, to Kristina as practice manager, to Danielle the groomer, it is SO obvious how deeply they all care for all animals.  In April 2015 I moved to Benson, MN so am now about 35 miles from the clinic.  I remember the day I told Dr. Jean I was moving, she said immediately “Oh!  That means we’ll be losing you guys!”  My reply?  “Hey, if I will drive 50 miles to go shopping in Alexandria, you can BET I will drive 35 miles for my pups!”  Of note, there is a vet group here in Benson who also offers acupuncture, laser therapy, etc, but I have no intention of changing clinics.  Having found a place whose expertise I trust, and whose hearts I see demonstrated every time I am there, I have no reason to go elsewhere.

So, thank you GRVC staff, all of you, especially Dr. Jean who has given such great care to Harrison, Pip and Teddy.  May God bless you and yours and continue to make GRVC a place of healing, for both the animals and their owners.

--Roxy Lewis, Benson, MN


My husband and I have taken our two family dogs to GRVC for the past 15 years. We wouldn't take them anywhere else. Our two dogs have had the best care possible at the clinic. Our little Lhasa Apso has had some significant health problems through out the years. We wouldn't trust her care with anyone besides GRVC.

Everyone at this clinic, from the doctors to the kennel staff all have a great love for animals. Dr. Jean has always gone above and beyond for with her concern, care, and treatment for any condition of our precious pets.

We also take the little one to Danielle for grooming. Danielle does a superb job with her. Our Lhasa looks fantastic every time Danielle gets done grooming her.

Our own daughter and her family got a small dog a couple years ago. They live 2 1/2 hours away but schedule appointments for her the Glacial Ridge Vet Clinic because they know how reliable and caring that clinic has been for our pets.

The GRVC is a clinic that is treasured by our family and pets. We can see and feel how much they love our pets every time we go to the clinic.

Like I said before, we wouldn't go anywhere else.

--Kathleen P

I chose Glacial Ridge Veterinary Clinic from the Internet before we moved to Minnesota seven years ago. I had never used a Holistic Vet. I had a seriously ill dog who had not responded to other treatments.

On my first visit, I was impressed with the friendly helpful staff and with Dr. Hollenstein. She was very knowledgeable and compassionate. We decided to try acupuncture on my dog Asher. After a few treatments he started to respond. We were able to discontinue or reduce several of his medications and use natural supplements. Asher has now regained the 21 pounds he had lost!

A combination of Holistic and Western care keep all 4 of my dogs in the best possible condition. Dr. Hollenstein and Dr. Baumbarger have always been available when my animals needed care.

I feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful clinic.

--Winona H.